13 Şubat 2009 Cuma


Dear Engliş oy tabanlarım,

I love you I love you, do u love me yes I do : ))) How r u? Asl ? Maybe you dont know me but I will be the King of Ankara soon. Come and vote for me. Lets make Ankaramıs a better place. Now listen to my vaadler, check this out, şeyk that ass biç!

Dear Hititliler, I will put a smile on your face. When you enter Ankaramıs you will laugh. And a very happy surprise for you from me ; Ankara Woodstock 2011!! yes you are right. It is mükemmele çok yakın. Too close to perfect. İbrahim Tatlıses, Duman, Ankaralı Turgut, Jimi Hendrix, Azer Bülbül, İsmail YKM, PJ Harvey, Kibariye all of them will be there just for you beybs. This will take place at Gölbaşı. But please dont fuck each other in Woodstock uluorta because we have örf and ananes. You can also ride horses during concerts. A lot of horses. If you want you can play cirit with your hısıms. I have a long hair. Do you? For example I dont need ecukasyon do you? Sous les paves la plage !!!

Dear Ankaralılar, I like you and I miss you. Soon we will be together. Dont worry be happy. Rape me Ankaramıs. Let me take you down, I am coming with my yellow submarine. Don't call me jerk. Close your eyes and let me kiss you Ankaramıs : ))))

Bye for now,
King of Ankaramıs

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vaziyet dedi ki...

dear travis and tyler
you know brother, if we haven't got any örfs and ananes, we are empty!

i like the new post so much, laugh like eşeks but my coffee cup is broken.. don't be sorry bro! we call this as "life"..

best regards..

travis and tyler durden dedi ki...

Dear vaziyet,

Nick called me and told me that "Brother my cup is empty!" ah ah ah I think he read your yorum.

Bark bark bark! Oşt! Sorry vaziyet.

See ya,

mybraveface dedi ki...

dear president,

playing cirit with hisims is iyi fikir. me and my hisims will be happy to make a cirit mac with you and your hisims.if your ass eats, we will be there. yalniz, i dont understand yok dont throw the cirit like animal, it will go the the concert stage, yok that is jimmy hendrix, not my hisim, leave him.

laf leaves the mouth 1 kez.

strawberry fields forever!

travis and tyler durden dedi ki...

Dear mybraveface,

Are u Mel Gibson or a working class hero?

Of course play cirit with your hısıms against your hasıms.

Best regards,
King of Ankaramıs

headcleaner dedi ki...

dear t&t
it will be pleasure to see these world stars in our lovely ankaramıs, specially kenny rogers and umuyorum ki there will be mud! You know, mud is a must on woodstock, if there will be no mud daha da gelmem woodstock'a...

travis and tyler durden dedi ki...

Dear headcleaner,

Of course my horse! There will be mud! As you well know Gölbaşı is a very sulak and a historical place. So you can easily combine water with soil of Ankaramıs and reach mud and have lots of fun. Girls wrestling in the mud. ah ah ah my ingliş sens of hümır işte.


I Love Cricket dedi ki...

t&t misters,

önce, thank you so much. I am very müteşekkir. oh my god, I mean all my friends buna bayılacak. I have a special sual for you. Will there be alkohol and ot serbestisi ?? What will örfs and ananes say sonra ?!

thank you in advance :)

travis and tyler durden dedi ki...

Dear I Love Cricket,

As you well know beer is under that kapak and it is in tekel bayi. And yes you can eat ot together with Ankara Goats there. Gölbaşı is a very nice otlak.

Best regards,
King of Ankaramıs

Adsız dedi ki...

Dear t&t,

One minute. if you make the mud with the water from kızılriver, we will have mis gibin heavy metal festival from the start already. you have foreseen it before well my lord.

ayriyetten you shoul bring us çakma malmsteen known as arif sag who actually uses left hand plays like kıreyzi if you cannot bring malmsteen. cut his kahkul please if possible.


travis and tyler durden dedi ki...

Dear vudu people,

What a nice idea! Yes heavy metal festival will be fantastic and I will make! All İskenderun Demir Çelik and Ereğli Demir Çelik will there also. Lots of fun. Dont worry Mr Arif Sağ will come. His headbangs are aassıım!

Best regards,
King for a day

maynard dedi ki...

hell yeah...

Adsız dedi ki...

dear your highness başkan travis:

your plans and proceler are what a nice and it is obvious you will shine like a star in the ankaramıs's dark emty sky every night.
but could you do me a favor, gölbaşı is far far away. I would say "are we there yet?" because of that could you make ankara woodstock 2011 festival by my house. "yes you can"

you are the one, god bless you.


headcleaner dedi ki...

dear t&t,

yo! bro! you know, les claypool said "my name is mud" in woodstock but the audience throw mud on his face... as a king of ankaramıs please tell the girls stop fighting! sing them lennon's imagine or ankarali turgut's "agarigi gagarigi
dabulyu dabulyu
vatiz tiz dize diz
bir kilo domatiz" because woodstock main idea is peace, love etc. hem if the girls fighting bana ne? god god!


travis and tyler durden dedi ki...

Dear headcleaner,

I am very sorry for Les. but in my opinion he have deserved that. All the people are in the mud alt alta üst üste. And he is kıpclean on the stage.

I think you didnt like cat fight. Ok then go and hug the girls in the mud. And you can sing if you want to but it's not my job. I am the king beyb! but if my ingliş oy tabanlarım pray for me to sing then I will.

Best regards,
King of nowhere (for now tabi)

Kriptograf dedi ki...

Dear adsız

İt's one minutes of course, not one minute. This is a Erdoğan's paradox for example "bindir elini" "benden kaşlısın" and "döndürmeyeceksin", be carefull. One minute is very very wrong. İf you want to say somethink, so you must say true one. İt's not very important but will be do...

See you soon.

indian dedi ki...

Dooo yooouu looove meeeee like I love youuu ankaramısssssssssss :))

bide keşke amerikayı sen keşfetseydin sevgili t&t eminim çok daha güzel bir yer olurdu ...

Okhy Dokhy dedi ki...

is Kenny Rogers a Fedon?

- yes, Kenny Rogers is a Fedon...

People dedi ki...

What will become to us? We are the people, if you ask. What will this woodstock moodstock i dont know what give to our Ankaramıs ? With all due respect, you are filling Ankaramıs with elalemin cıbıl gavurs. I dont know woodstock falan. But i know this very good, you fell from my eye. Get your cleverity into your head, before it is too late.

headcleaner dedi ki...

future king of ankaramıs don't listen this individuals! the millions supports you! these individuals still in throw mud izi kalsın mentality! if the peoples don't know about woodstock send them to sea seki & husnu entertainer concert...

People dedi ki...

Who knows us, knows us. We dont tenazül to these little tricks. Artık i dont want to comment on this issue. Başkan, be on our side, yani peoples side!

sea seki is an oldukça successful and seksi girl, bu arada. dont prolong your tounge to her, plz.

travis and tyler durden dedi ki...

Dear people,

I am really confused. Please calm down, tell me what you want, just tell me what you want in Ankaramıs : )))

King Solomon

People dedi ki...

i dont know, i am confused too. i think i got this illet, called dalak cancer. but, well, if you ask me, i personally think, you should really avoid woodstock. it will bring only kargaşa, junkies, pushers, buggers, dopers, tinercis, cepcis, torbacıs etzettıra...maybe it is just me, maybe not. i dont know what ! You are the başkan, you should know !! the only thing i want now is you safe at Ankaramıs :))

kaba şimşek dedi ki...

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travis and tyler durden dedi ki...

Sevgili kaba şimşek,

Yüreğine sağlık. Senin gibi oy tabanları olmaz olsun hahaha

Kenny Rogers

kaba şimşek dedi ki...

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